where’s the Guava Tree?

6 thoughts on “where’s the Guava Tree?

  1. kimberly says:

    OMGOODNESS!!!! super happy you will now be in the Frisco Trucks event! I will be the one dancing in the line, with happiness!

  2. Christina says:

    I have been waiting to catch this truck! Experienced it’s greatness once in Denton for a food truck event last year but can never seem to follow where it will be next. We live between Denton and Frisco. Probably a good thing, I’d probably visit everyday if it was close by all the time 😉

    • theguavatreetruck says:

      Hi Christina,

      So sorry we missed this message. We try to post our schedule each week on our website “Where is The Guava Tree”. We post on social media but feel free to email theguavatreetruck@gmail.com as well. We are so glad you enjoyed your meal with us. This week is light, we have an event tonight in McKinney, UTD on Thursday and Saturday/Sunday at the Truck Yard in Dallas. Come stalk us! Pam

  3. Jessica Robertson says:

    I loved this truck when it came down to Gun Barrel City for an event a while back! Absolutely adored it! I just need to know where you guys hold up daily? Or if you guys are having an event anytime soon? Please let me know ASAP!!!

    • theguavatreetruck says:

      Hi Jessica,

      We are so glad you enjoyed your expereince with us when we visited Gun Barrel City. We move daily from lunch to dinner so your best bet is to follow us on social media and to check our website for our schedule. Hope to have you dine with us again soon. Warmly, Pam

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